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Most of us are searching a best platform to learn NCERT syllabus. Now, it is entirely free to use the NCERT solutions app by everyone. It gives outstanding benefits to candidates who prepare for it. This application is available for free at 9apps store. Of course, it provides a smooth answer to everyone who is developing.  Apart from others, NCERT solutions app provides confidence by covering overall syllabus in it. There is no internet connection needed for accessing this platform. Luckily, it is entirely free to use because of its unique functionalities. It depends on user experience that guides everyone gets it for absolutely free. NCERT solutions app provides lots of things to keep in mind. It discovers a new solution to find out interface options with multiple categories. It offers salient features for you and defines it with right guidance. This application helps you share with others employing notifications. You can get a reference book covered inside the app. NCERT solutions app offers lots of features applicable to your desires. Everyone can use it directly without waiting for a long time. It gives a guarantee to us whenever we need to prepare.


  • This app has lots of categories and provides screenshots
  • It depends on user experience with a smooth reading option
  • It takes place a functional business study on various syllabus
  • You can refer expert authors in a single click
  • Multiple subjects are covered for your guidance
  • It has built-in fast PDF reader for smooth reading
  • The app looks good with education-oriented concepts
  • It includes school exams and tests
  • The solutions are beneficial for preparing exams
  • It is applicable for making IIT, JEE, and NEET and competitive exam
  • The answers are perfect and find expert author reference

Latest Apk version:

  • 1.7
  • 1.6
  • 1.5
  • 1.4